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The other day I was sharing my Pinterest account with a friend and trying to explain my facination.  The challenge of explaining a purely visual medium with only words didn’t work, so I went online and explained.  She noticed a pin board I have called Garden Tour 2014.  I explained that the board links to photos of a blog I wrote about garden design, and how Pinterest actually works well to drive traffic to that blog.

She asked the next logical question any good business owner would ask “So how can I use Pinterest to grow my nursery?”

If I was selling plants right now, this is what I would do…

1. Set up a blog on my website.  Develop a schedule for updating it, and make it very visual with only brief but keyword rich text.

2. Set up a Pinterest account and create a board called My Nurseryor something like that.  You might consider several other boards for personal interest or other plant pictures so you can develop a broader following (and have some fun too!)

3. With every blog post include a photo or two, then pin that photo to your nursery’s pin board.  When people click on the photo they will be brought to your website.

4. Make sure my blog is integrated into my website so once people get there they are no more two clicks away from the most important info, which might include special offers, ordering information, directions, contact, etc.

5. Set up a Facebook page and add blog posts there as well.  Also your pins will be included in your timeline on Facebook as well.

These are good ways of keeping three platforms current without recreating content.


Posted: October 30, 2011 in Green Industry, Landscaping, Marketing

To be authentic does not mean to be original.  I suppose the argument could be made that if we are acting with 100% authenticity, and we are all unique individuals, then it could mean original.  But remember this, in America, if you are 1 in a million, then there are 300 people just like you.

In New Jersey alone, it is estimated that there are over 4000 (some say as much as double that) landscape companies.  That’s over 190 per county, and more than 7 per town!  How on earth is a landscape business, or other related green business like garden centers, nurseries, irrigation companies, and tree experts supposed to stand out from the pack?

The answer is simple, there are LOTS of ways.

I started this blog with the idea of sharing my ideas, thoughts, conversations, findings, and questions with anyone interested in listening.  Mostly this is a marketing blog, with a focus on how creative and effective marketing can help small green industry businesses.  Other small businesses may find it useful.  I like calling it a marketing blog, because it leaves room for wiggle room into a lot of topics: branding, customer service, social media, design, business practice, and so on.

So your challenge is to be authentic, be yourself. The more that comes through in your business, the more you will succeed.  MY challenge is to be authentic in everything I write in this blog, so that the information is useful, relevant, and sincere.  And, as with your business, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little fun along the way as well.