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Friday was the last class in an eight week landscape design program I have been teaching.  It was a great class and I honestly think the students all took away some valuable information.  Friday was final presentations.  I find I am so much more excited to see how everyone delivers their designs rather than how their designs actually turn out.  I love public speaking.

I had a student who did not want to present because his english was no es bueno.  The class was great, encouraging him to get up and give it a shot.

He nailed it.

Why?  The basics.  The basics of delivering a good presentation trumped his heavy accent and mediocre grammar.  These points are true whether present to one person or 100.

1. Take your time.  He didnt rush, spoke slowly, and consequently was easy to follow.  The best way to make sure that you don’t rush is to practice.  Don’t just focus on your formal presentations, but rehearse your greetings, elevator pitches, and networking talking points.  (if you don’t have a less than one minute, simple description of your business and what you do, then write and practice one.)

2. Beginning, middle, end.  A pet peeve of mine is talks that are all middle.  He set up the presentation, then delivered the information, then wrapped it up nicely.  Before you start talking, always pause, just for a second, to let the room focus in on you.  Then have a clear start, don’t just roll in to the meat of the talk.  Finally, have a rehearsed finish that ties everything together.  A well organized sales presentation will be better received then one packed with too much unorganized information.

3. Eye contact.  He looked up and connected visually with the audience.

4. Content.  He had a good project.  Good content matters.

When you dont know where to start, go back to the beginning and start at the basics.

There has been a bit of dust up recently over the way Google manages individual profiles and tailors search results accordingly.  More and more as online profiles become online personalities, the web is trying to create custom experiences.  The danger in this is it takes the ‘wild west’ analogy for the web of about a decade ago and tears it town.  The web is now closer to a gated community than the wild west, only with out the homeowner association fees (yet).

Enter StumbleUpon.  Not new, but I think increasing in value for web surfers who really want to find something that is not so carefully selected for their tastes.  StumbleUpon does what it’s name suggests, with nothing more than a vague category selection (like marketing, for example) it sends you directly to a random page.  Sometimes its good, sometimes it not, but my experience lends to good more often than not.  So in one of my Stumbles I found this article and thought it was worth sharing because: :

1. It is originally from INC Magazine, a great publication I consider a trusted source.

2. I got to the page via StumbleUpon, a great search tool I started using recently and will be using more.

3. Pictures and video are really the future, they tell stories, stir emotion, and lead search results.  Dare I say Pinterest

Here is the article which includes the 10 videos.  Enjoy and thanks for reading:

10 YouTube Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch | – StumbleUpon.