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Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen, that was the most clever title I could come up with for a StumbleUpon article.  I know, I know, I can and should do better, but it is late and that is about what I got left in the tank today.

So why am I writing about StumbleUpon.  Quite simply it is a great tool if you really don’t know what you want to see on the internet, but you know you want something good.  I have never had to stumble more than 3 times in a row (and rarely more than once) to find something of interest to read or view.  In an internet where truly random searches are harder and harder to get, StumbleUpon has lead me down some great paths, like finding this site for example.

It is also potentially a great tool for growing a blog as outlined in the great article from the well respected bloggers at . I have not used it for this yet, but plan to.  We will see how it goes.

There has been a bit of dust up recently over the way Google manages individual profiles and tailors search results accordingly.  More and more as online profiles become online personalities, the web is trying to create custom experiences.  The danger in this is it takes the ‘wild west’ analogy for the web of about a decade ago and tears it town.  The web is now closer to a gated community than the wild west, only with out the homeowner association fees (yet).

Enter StumbleUpon.  Not new, but I think increasing in value for web surfers who really want to find something that is not so carefully selected for their tastes.  StumbleUpon does what it’s name suggests, with nothing more than a vague category selection (like marketing, for example) it sends you directly to a random page.  Sometimes its good, sometimes it not, but my experience lends to good more often than not.  So in one of my Stumbles I found this article and thought it was worth sharing because: :

1. It is originally from INC Magazine, a great publication I consider a trusted source.

2. I got to the page via StumbleUpon, a great search tool I started using recently and will be using more.

3. Pictures and video are really the future, they tell stories, stir emotion, and lead search results.  Dare I say Pinterest

Here is the article which includes the 10 videos.  Enjoy and thanks for reading:

10 YouTube Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch | – StumbleUpon.