Marketing equals everything follows a simple idea I picked up from my education in Landscape Architecture.  Observation is key to success in any field.  As an LA we were trained to see design happening everyday in the world around us.  The same is very much true, even more true, when applied to the realm of business.  I call it an ‘eye for inspiration’.  So much happens around us everyday, most of it we ignore out of necessity.  All I am trying to do hear is take a look at some of it and see how it inspires me when peered at through the lenses of novice marketeer.

Observation is easy for marketing because there is simply so much to observe.  We are marketed to more in a day than any previous generation was in a month!  The point of this Marketing Equals Everything blog is to derive inspiration, motivation, and mostly good ideas, from everyday life.

Fatherhood has taught me more about observation than anything else I have ever done.  With the ‘experience’ ecconomy continuing to develop, no greater experience can be had, in my opinion, than watching kids grow.  Being a Dad has heightened my sense of the world around me, as well as putting the things of life into real perspective.

Reading, while a form of observation for sure, is so important to growth and success, personally or in business.  Often I will write, tweet, post, or otherwise reference articles and blogs the I feel should be shared.  There is TOO MUCH information on the web right now, so it is prudent for consumers of ligitemate, intelligent, or entertaining content to do what they can to float the good stuff to the top.

And mostly faith which always guides my thoughts, sometimes guides my actions, and seldom is given the priority in my life it deserves.

Thanks for reading!

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